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Jiangsu ChangJiang Steel Rope Co,Ltd.

Our company is integrated with R&D,manufacturing and marketing with stronger technical strength and complete testing facilities

Locates in the coastal opening city-Nantong, and locates to the north of Sutong Yangtze River bridge and to the soulh of Nantong Airpor. It was built in 1973 who is professional factory of various kinds of "JuShi" brand steel wire rope and steel wire. we mainly export to U.S.A., Europe, Middle East,Southeast Asia, Middle&South—America,Africa etc. The fixed assets reaches 30 million RMB,registered capital reaches 11.18 million RMB, it occupies an area of 45000 square meters, Our yearly capacity is 32,000 ton with an annual turnover of 200 million RMB. 


Jiangsu ChangJiang Steel Rope Co,Ltd.

Our company is integrated with R&D,manufacturing and marketing with

stronger technical strength and complete testing facilities



Good Quality

Products through the ISO9001 quality system certification, metallurgical products quality gold award, and import and export inspection and Quarantine Bureau named the title of export commodity inspection free enterprise



40 years of production and operation, the strength to build a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, sales in one of the metal products


Industry leading

Has 8 sets of tensile testing machine, the entire rope breaking tensile testing machine five element analyzer and other testing equipment, testing level in the industry leader

Global Sales

Products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middl East, Southeast Asia, South America Africa and other countries. the annual comprehensive production capacity of 3 million tons, annual sales of 2 billion yuan



Design of Steel Wire Rope Loading Cable: Tension Calculation, Selection and Installation
According to GB 50127-2007 Technical Specification for Overhead Cableway Engineering and GB 12141-2008 Safety Specification for Freight Overhead Cableway, in the design of cableway, the steel wire rope must be chosen for the load-carrying rope. As a whole, the cable is a flexible member and only bears tension. Its material obeys Hooke's law. At the same time, the deformation of the hinges of the supporting cables is neglected in the analysis of the forces acting on the supporting cables. Thus, the forces acting on the supporting cables can be analyzed and calculated according to the parabolic theory, and the tension, sag, tangent inclination, curvature radius and curve length of the supporting cables can be solved. Installation Length of Bearing Cables... The maximum sag of overload is usually proposed by the user in the task book.
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Industry knowledge
Changjiang Steel Rope, we understand the importance of sourcing a high quality product whether it be for yourself or for a customer, which is why we choose to provide the same friendly service all over the globe. Our vast technical knowledge has made us a resource within the industry but it’s our personal approach to customer service that has made us the “go-to” supplier of wire rope and fittings, not just supplying quality products but finding the best solution to surpass your expectations. We establish great long-term partnerships and want to get to know your business and understand your needs. We offer you: · A dedicated personal service from a knowledgeable person – not just a sales person. · A promise to go the extra mile to understanding your business and application(s). · Savings by sourcing, creating and producing the best wire rope solutions.
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Industry knowledge
Changjiang Steel Rope is one of the leading professional producer of Ungalv. and Galv. and Stainless steel and assembly cables Since 1974, and focused on providing high quality wire rope, Changjiang Steel Rope is proud to offer an extensive product range of wire ropes, cables and fittings for a variety of markets including: Construction, Offershore rigging, Marine industry, Agricultural field.
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