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The use of galvanized steel wire

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We all know that the application of wire rope is very extensive, it is a rope made after a plurality of thin steel wire after processing, many industries this rope plays an important role, also has a lot of advantages and benefits, but the wire in the moist environment, use a long time it is easy to rust at this time, there is a new product, is the galvanized steel wire rope.
As the name suggests, this rope is to use galvanized steel wire twisted rope, the filaments are strict implementation of standards, including zinc coating weight, using copper sulfate as the frequency and duration of the experiment must be strictly enforced, can be listed in the quality of the products, it is absolutely guaranteed. Even in the work environment long humid or rainy day is not a problem. Currently used in many fields are very extensive, such as construction, heavy transport, maritime space, offshore oil exploration and marine work can be used, is an indispensable tool of modern heavy industrial production.

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