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Chairman Speech

Chairman Speech

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Located at lower reaches of Yangtse River and open coastal city-Nantong, Jiangsu Changjiang Steel Rope Co., Ltd with extremely convenient traffic is the  first  exit of  SuTong Yangtse River Bridge in the south,and adjacent to Nantong international airport in the north. Jiangsu Changjiang was established in 1973, with 400 employees at present and total area 45000 square meters, our production capacity reaches to more than 38,000 tons per year.
Our factory will produce high-technology, full-variety, good-quality and high-grade products that accord with the requirements of home and abroad users, depending on the special advantages of the localities, making use of 40 years of wire rope producing experience,absorbing modern science and technology,utilizing ISO9001:2000 Quality Guarantee System, adopting mature technology. With first-class services and  excellent enterprise image, we are willing to cooperate with reliable clients, new and old, home and abroad, and create a better future joint in the new century.

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